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Savannah Jones is used to getting what she wants from men. Her daughter, Princess, is her world. During a seven-day getaway on the cruise ship, Reflections, she uncovers truths and faces deception from those she cherishes the most. By the seventh day, Savannah makes a decision that will permanently alter the lives of those closest to her.


Jaime Aluko boards Reflections alone. She discovers a connection with another passenger that sends her into a downward spiral. By the seventh day, Jaime hits rock bottom.


Eve Carelton has it all. Her husband, Will, and she are successful doctors, residing in a luxury community in South Florida, and living their best lives. After a shocking discovery, Eve boards the ship to process and relax. Instead, she finds seven days of drama. By the seventh day, Eve’s inner demons catches up with her.


Told from each woman’s point of view, On the 7th Day tells the story of their unlikely friendship and how they navigated love and betrayal on a seven-day cruise.

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